Feasibility Studies

Building electric utility infrastructure is an enormous endeavor filled with many critical details. Having flushed out options gives you greater confidence that you are acting on the best project at the best time. Let our estimation team put together some options on your next project.

Material & Equipment Specifications

From connectors to circuit-switchers to transformers, we know how the grid’s components work together. We have years of experienceoperating equipment in the field & designing manufacturer’s equipment to specify the right equipment for your grid.

Design Standard Evaluation & Development

Our breathe of in-depth industry knowledge allows us to bring the best practices from coast to coast into comprehensive and easy to use design standards. We can support your standard evaluation efforts rangingfrom a simple engineering review to a thorough beta test in our facility.

Complete Substation Engineering Packages

Engineered to your standards and regional preferences. We develop the engineering drawings and bills of material for your Grounding System Design & Analysis, Yard Arrangements & Equipment Plans, andProtection & Control Design. Our goal is the highest quality engineering packages to ensure your construction and commissioning go as smooth as possible.

Protective Relay Coordination & Settings

Setting and coordinating protective relays is very detailed work that demands experienced engineering talent. Our engineers have been excelling at this work for decades. The changing generation mix requires more System Modeling, Reliability Studies, & Fault Event Analysis. US Power Partners is here to support your protection engineering needs.

Construction & Maintenance Engineering Support

The grid simply does not work unless it is constructed and maintained properly. We are available to support your crews when problems arise with responsive technical support that gets to the best solution while minimizing needed effort. Some of our best references come from electric utility work crews, ask us about it!

Product Management

Our team has years of experience in Product Management, specifically managing electric utility transmission products. Tied together with our extensive experience in power system engineering, we can tie down the product requirements that your customers will purchase.

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