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Whether you are looking for better compensation or a better work/life balance, US Power Partners has opportunities available for you to grow your engineering talents and those around you.

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More than spitting out drawings, our goal is to ensure that the design conforms to all your standards and preferences, so you don’t have to rework it.

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Check out our Symmetrical Components Visualization tool. Dymanically unbalance the 3 Phasors and see the resulting Symmetrical Components!


US POWER PARTNERS is a consulting firm based in the Southeast that specializes in High Voltage Substation Design and Power System Protective Relaying. From site layout to relay coordination, we support the Substation Engineering needs of the Electric Utility Industry.

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Our Services

US POWER PARTNERS provides Substation Design and Protective Relay Engineering Services

Feasibility Studies

Electric utility infrastructure is an enormous endeavor filled with many critical details. Having flushed out options gives you greater confidence.

Material & Equipment Specifications

From connectors to circuit-switchers to transformers..

Design Standard Development & Evaluation

Our breathe of in depth industry knowledge allows us to bring..

Complete Substation Engineering Packages

Engineered to your standards and regional preferences.

Protective Relay Coordination & Settings

Setting and coordinating protective relays is very detailed.

Construction & Maintenance Engineering Support

The grid simply does not work unless it is constructed.

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